SIU Furlough Fight


By Amy Fox

CARTERVILLE--  A judge says SIU administrators acted illegally during a 2011 contract dispute. 
Now, the University has been ordered to pay up.

In 2011, three unions were furloughed four days by the SIU administration during a contract dispute.  The judge ruled SIU must pay the nearly $2 million in lost wages to those union workers because they used unlawful labor practices and bargained in bad faith.

Union leaders say more negotiating will happen this fall and they hope things will be different this time around.

SIU Faculty Association member Rachel Stocking said, "As our new administrators review the actions of the previous four years, they can use this decision to learn from the mistakes of the past and they can join the faculty association in construction of a respectful approach to collective bargaining in the future."

"This judges decision really reaffirms the decision, reaffirms the strength of our union and the good that can happen when we all stand united," said Ami Ruffing, member of Association of Civil-Service Employees.

The university can appeal the ruling.  But, the amount owed to the employees will keep growing because of interest.




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