Road Work Along Route 13 in Carterville


By Evie Allen
By Randy Livingston

CARTERVILLE -- Crews are now working around the clock on a stretch of Route 13 in Williamson County.

Two separate projects are underway between Route 148 and just past Division Street in Carterville. 
No one likes to hear that road construction will take years to complete.
"It will be a little bit of a pain to get there but anything worth while usually is," says Heartland Kubota sales manager Mike Crisel.
Near Division Street in Carterville, crews are in the process of creating back frontage roads to help with the flow of traffic off of Route 13.
"There will actually be the old frontage road and a new frontage road but the old one, which is Plaza Drive, you'll only be able to turn right in and right out of," says IDOT Civil Engineer Aaron Hayes.
Crews are also working on an overpass that will carry Wolf Creek Road over 13. Crisel believes the project will be good for business.
"That will make it really nice. I know that the traffic now is such that, depending on which direction you want to go, it's really difficult to go the other lane," Crisel says.
The overpass will eliminate left turns across the widened highway.
"Now we won't have that dangerous turn movement of turning left across lanes of traffic," explains Hayes.
The projects have a long way to go before they're finished. Work at the Division Street intersection and on the frontage roads will be complete at the end of next year. The overpass will take three years.
"It will make it a lot easier to access our location, just simply from the fact to traffic patterns and being able to cross over 13 without having to get into traffic," says Crisel.
The buisness is located just south of Route 13 in Carterville.
Some days crews will work throughout the night. At that time the speed limit will be reduced to 35 miles per hour. Hayes warns to make sure to pay attention to road signs.
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