Restaurant Report Card: May 5, 2014


By Emily Finnegan
By Andy Shofstall

WSIL -- A 79 makes the Jackson Square McDonald's in Murphysboro the low scorer this week.

Three critical violations were the main source of deductions. The dish machine wasn't reaching the correct temperature to sanitize dishes. A cooler was 12 degrees too warm, and all the food inside had to be moved out. Also, a spray cleaner was left on top of the grill instead of safely away from food. Those three issues cost McDonald's 14 points.
Some holes in the ceiling left behind after the restaurant installed new monitors had to be repaired, and a faucet at the three-compartment sink was missing a handle. The inspector came back the next day, and all the problems, critical and minor, were fixed except for the faucet handle.
Management says they immediately corrected all the health department's concerns, and everything is now fine.
Saluki Bar in Carbondale earned an 88 from the inspector. The only critical issue was a gap at the bottom of a door. All exterior doors and windows have to be sealed tightly to keep bugs and animals from getting in the building.
There was grease on the grill, the wall behind the cook line, and on the kitchen floor; the meat slicer had food debris on it. The floor behind both bars was sticky and needed to be mopped, and the women's restroom didn't have a trash can with a lid.
Midland Inn in Murphysboro received a 92.
There weren no critical violations, but insulation around a water heater needed to be covered. Additionally, there was mold on the ice machine splash guard.
The floor was dirty near the fryer and under the bar sink, and there was some food residue on burger utensils and cast iron griddles that were supposed to be clean.
It was a 93 for Herrin favorite, Louie's P&R. Louie's had zero critical problems and lost just a few points because some damaged metal pans had to be thrown away. 
The ceiling and light shield in the prep area also needed cleaning.
Topping the Report Card this time around is Kaya in Carbondale with a 98.
The floor in front of the cook line was dirty, and a wall in the dish room had to be repainted.
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