Restaurant Report Card: July 7, 2014


By Emily Finnegan

WSIL -- Asian Buffet in Mt. Vernon received an 80 on its June health inspection.

Three critical violations cost the restaurant 14 points. The first was incorrect food temperatures. Pork, chicken, eggs, rice, noodles, veggies, and sushi rolls were among the foods that had to be thrown away. The second problem was pans left in a hand sink, which meant it wasn't accessible for use. The third critical issue was too much chlorine in the buckets used to soak wiping cloths between uses.
Asian Buffet was also docked for having multiple uncovered foods in the walk-in cooler, leaving the ice scoop in the ice, a leak at the three-compartment sink, and a server preparing food without wearing a hat or hair net. 
We were unable to reach management for their take on the inspection. 
An 86 puts the Carbondale Applebee's next on the Report Card. Food temperature was also a problem here. One refrigerator wasn't cold enough, so beef, chicken, cheese, pasta, shrimp, fish and alfredo sauce had to be tossed. Some butter was also too warm to safely serve, and equipment used to keep soup warm wasn't working.
Ground beef was above ready to eat foods like pasta and vegetables in the cooler which is a cross-contamination risk. The condenser line was dripping on items in the freezer, and the floor along the cook line was dirty.
The inspector warned Applebee's that "continued poor performance and excessive critical violations will result in the suspension of your food service permit." A re-check a week later showed all the problems had been fixed.
It was a 94 for Pinckneyville's Dixie Cup Café. There were zero critical violations, but some foods in the cooler weren't covered up properly. The men's restroom also needed a covered trash can. 
Kalin's Café in Du Quoin got a 98. 
The seal on a freezer had to be repaired, and the kitchen floor needed to be repainted. The inspector pointed out food temperatures were great!
Finally, taking the top spot this time is Crazy Joe's Fish House in Ava with a perfect 100. The health department praised Crazy Joe's for great cleaning.    
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