Restaurant Report Card: Jan. 20, 2014


By Emily Finnegan
By Andy Shofstall

WSIL -- Avant's BBQ Pit in Carbondale got an 85 on its latest health inspection.

There were only a handful of issues, but two of them were critical and cost the restaurant a total of nine points. Some cooked Italian beef wasn't the correct temperature and had to be thrown away; the three-compartment sink used to wash, rinse and sanitize dishes was missing sanitizer. The sink problem resulted in two deductions.
Other issues included chicken wings that were being thawed in standing water, instead of in the fridge or under the tap, and grease on the vent hood filters and the floor under the fryers.
We were unable to reach management for comment on the inspection.
Du Quoin Family Restaurant scored an 86 when the health department visited most recently.
There were two critical violations. The report notes all employees "need to wash their hands on a regular basis and when changing jobs." Additionally, the steam table wasn't keeping food hot enough, so the items on it had to be thrown out and the temperature turned up.
The restaurant was also docked because the plumbing at one sink had to be fixed, the floors under the kitchen equipment were dirty, and some items weren't the required six inches off the floor.
A 95 puts Jasones Bed and Breakfast and Restaurant in Marion next on the list. Jasones had no critical issues, but the inside of the refrigerator and microwave needed to be cleaned.
One hand sink was out of paper towels, and some forks needed to be stored with the handle up.
China Buffet in Du Quoin earned a 96. 
The restaurant lost a few points for improper thawing of foods. The handles and doors of some of the kitchen equipment needed to be cleaned and sanitized.
Finally, claiming the top spot this week is Don Luna in West Frankfort with a 99. The only criticism from the health inspector was for some dust on a ceiling vent near the walk-in cooler.
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