Restaurant Report Card: Feb. 17, 2014


By Emily Finnegan

WSIL -- Hong Kong Buffet in Marion returns to our list with a score of 80.

That's down two points from November. The restaurant continues to be cited for critical violations. This time, the inspector found mice droppings which is a four-point deduction. The health department ordered them cleaned up and asked that an exterminator be brought in to treat the restaurant.
Hong Kong Buffet was penalized five more points for employees not washing their hands at the start of their shift and lost another four because a hand sink wasn't accessible. Baking trays were being stored on the floor, some food in the freezer wasn't covered correctly, and other items weren't labeled with the date and time they were prepared.
A follow-up a week later showed the mouse feces was cleaned up, and the restaurant had been treated by pest control. The inspector also recommended they add glue traps.
The manager says the exterminator visits weekly, and all the employees regularly wash their hands.
It was an 83 for China Wok in Carbondale, which marks a five-point improvement from last fall.
There were two critical issues here. The 3-compartment sink for washing, rinsing and sanitizing dishes was not set up correctly. The inspector also found racks of cooked chicken, tubs of cooked, breaded shrimp, and raw pork sitting out at room temperature. The report warns "no more having potentially hazardous food at room temperature or your food service license will be suspended."
Because of the nature of the violations, the health department decided to keep China Wok on a monthly inspection schedule.
Grandma Helen's Restaurant in Energy earned an 86 at its last check.
The only critical violation was caused by employees who had drinks in the kitchen without lids or straws. Other, more minor deductions included missing paper towels at a hand sink and mildew buildup on the racks in one of the refrigerators.
Bob Evan's in Marion got a 93. The inspector marked off because food wasn't being thawed correctly, under running water, and there were some missing ceiling tiles.
And leading the pack this week is Michael's in Johnston City with a 98. 
The area near the exterior grease bin needed to be cleaned up, but the health department praised Michael's for keeping the facility in "excellent order."
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