Restaurant Report Card: Feb. 10, 2014


By Emily Finnegan
By Andy Shofstall

WSIL -- A 78 puts Garfield's in Carbondale in the bottom spot on our Report Card.

Three critical violations cost the restaurant a total of 14 points. Corned beef wasn't marked with the date it was opened, resulting in the first five-point loss. A chef who checked his cell phone and returned to the cook line without washing his hands was the source of another five-point deduction. And the inspector took off four more points because items were left in the bar hand sink, meaning it wasn't properly "accessible at all times."
The rest of the issues were largely cleaning related. There was evidence of mice on top of the dish machine, food debris on the floor and splashed on a wall in the kitchen, and grease on the sides of the deep fryers. The inspector also noted food residue on "clean pans."
The manager says after a busy December, Garfield's always devotes time to deep cleaning in January. She points out there were no food temperature issues and says the score is not reflective of the great job staff does at serving Southern Illinois diners.
The health department gave Hardee's in the 4300 block of Broadway in Mt. Vernon an 89 at its last check.
Some sliced ham left out on the counter got too warm and had to be thrown away; the inspector deducted for "numerous locations in the kitchen with food and mildew buildup."
The kitchen floor was dirty and needed some broken tiles replaced. Additionally, there was mold and mildew growing on the walls and ceiling of the walk-in cooler.
Rare Chop House in Mt. Vernon scored a 94.
The lone critical issue was for some cleaning chemicals that were left too close to drinking glasses. The inspector asked that the floor under the ice machine be cleaned as well.
It was a 95 for Carbondale's Italian Village.
There were no critical violations, but one of the chef's knives needed to be re-washed. Italian Village lost minor points for dust on the fan covers in the walk-in cooler and duct tape on the handle of a freezer.
Finally, a perfect 100 makes Belle's Diner in Shawneetown this week's high scorer. The health department didn't find a single deduction. 
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