Pinckneyville Hit With Higher Property Taxes


By Matthew Searcy

PERRY COUNTY -- The cost of owning a home in Perry County is more expensive than ever before.

The county tax assessor says houses in the Pinckneyville area are selling at higher prices, which is leading to higher property taxes.  
"They increased it by another $250," said Pinckneyville homeowner Ritchey Marlow. 
It's the highest property taxes he's paid since buying the home more than 30 years ago. It's an issue his neighbors are also dealing with.
"There was a house out by the high school that went up about $1,200," said Marlow. "That's unreal." 
It's an issue the county is aware of.   
"This particular year there is an increase that is a little bit atypical and above normal," said Perry County tax assessor John Batteau. 
He says a number of Pickneyville properties had been under-assessed and were selling above their estimated value.   
"There were some houses out there, very high value houses that sold and their previous years assessment was low," explained Batteau.  
It's an issue he's been forced to address.  
"I made some adjustments on about 15 or 20 properties out there," said Batteau. "I'm just trying to bring some consistency and uniformity with those properties."
The changes have resulted in an 8 percent increase in the assessment rate for Pickneyville area properties. It's the largest spike Batteau has seen in his six years as assessor.  
"Tax rates go up and down, tax amounts go up and down," said Batteau. "I certainly don't expect this again next year, but it's based on sales." 
"It went way above and beyond what I would call reasonable," said Marlow.   
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