New and Returning Students Move In at SIU


By WSIL Reporter

CARBONDALE -- Thousands of students are returning to Carbondale for the start of the fall semster. On Thursday, they began moving into the SIU residence halls with the help of lots of volunteers.  

"We have 1,500 moving in today and another 1,400 moving in tomorrow," said Crystal Bouhl, assistant director of marketing for university housing.

Over 500 students, faculty, and community volunteers helped out Thursday. When a vehicle would arrive, one group of volunteers would unload the students belongings and pile them in an area by the door while the student registered and recieved a number. Once that number was called, another group would carry everything inside and up to the dorm. 

After moving in, students and their families were treated to a free lunch at the resident dining halls. The volunteers also received a free lunch for all of their hard work.

Bouhl said they start planning for next year's move-in event almost as soon as this year's ends.

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