New QR Barcodes Becoming Popular


By Matt Rudkin

CARBONDALE - The QR code was created many years ago by Toyota to help track auto parts throughout the factories. Today, however, the barcodes are being used for many different reasons. Companies all around the world are taking advantage of the new technology.

"They are basically the same technology used in the barcodes found in the supermarkets or any other store. The difference being that they are in 2-D so you can fit a lot more data in them," said Chris Wiegman, Land System Specialist for SIU's Aviation department.

Smart phone users can download applications that will scan the codes. From there, the user will be taken to websites and videos with additional information about the product.

While many companies are using QR codes to promote products, individuals can take advantage of them too.

"For instance, I can look at a business card and I would have to pull out a phone and would have to start dialing everything. You can scan that in and you've just made that far more convenient. Businesses are using that the same way, whether it be to provide extra information in the form of a video or address, they are trying to get you to engage in that further," Wiegman said.

Technology experts suggest you will see many more of these QR codes in the coming years.
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