Murphysboro Considers Surveillance Cameras Throughout City


By Matthew Searcy
By Randy Livingston

MURPHYSBORO -- Murphysboro leaders are considering installing security cameras throughout the city.

"We've had a rash of burglaries in Murphysboro," said Mayor Will Stephens. "A number of the businesses don't have security cameras that cover the outside." 
Exterior footage of the numerous thefts at the Old National Bank this year could have helped catch the criminals, who are still at large.   
The city is still trying to determine where to place the cameras, but heavy traffic areas will likely be part of the plan. 
"Downtown, entry points and exit points are the initial thoughts when it comes to this particular network," explained Stephens. 
City leaders say if the cameras are installed they would only be used to help deter crime.  
"We are not going to be looking into any particular businesses or things of that nature," said Stephens. "I think it's a tool to make a safe community even safer." 
The Murphysboro Police Department supports the plan, but generating enough money for the project is still an obstacle.  
"We would have to take a look at our general revenue fund and see where we are at with the budget at this point in the year and see if we can afford it," said Stephens.  
Plans to install the cameras were tabled at a recent city meeting. The council plans to revisit the idea later this summer.  
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