Marion Man Killed in Crash on I-64


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POSEY CO., IN -- A church mission turned tragic after a van crashed in Indiana Tuesday evening, claiming the life of a Marion youth pastor. It happened around 7:45 p.m. 29-year-old Chris Williams died in that crash on Interstate 64, close to the Illinois line.

Chris was a youth leader for a Marion church, on his way back from an overnight mission trip in Evansville. Five others were in the van with him and were injured. The Posey County Sheriff's office says one of the vans' tires blew out and the driver lost control and ended up colliding with a semi-tractor trailer. 

Chris wasn't a Marion native, but he was the type of guy that once you met him, you felt like you'd known him forever.

"Chris and I just clicked on a level that few people in life you really click with," says friend Andrew Nippert. "Anyone who knows Chris, knows he had a love for life, for God, and for people."

Nippert only moved to town five months ago, but he says Chris was one of the first people to truly make him feel welcome.

That doesn't surprise Third Baptist Church Deacon Robbie Lindhorst.

"Chris was the type of man that if you met him, he was going to talk to you, he was going to smile at you," he says. "You could just see that he cared for you."

When Chris was a teen, Lindhorst was his youth leader. He watched him grow up into a God-loving man, saw him get married and start a family with the birth of his first child, and become the youth leader at Livingstone Community Church just last month. So the news that Chris had passed away came as a shock.

"Words cannot explain today. I've talked to so many people who say it's a dream; it's not happening."

But Lindhorst and Nippert say they take comfort knowing Chris did not suffer. They now want his daughter and the second child on the way to know about the kind of man Chris was.

"He was a guy that was always holding somebody or pushing somebody to a higher standard," describes Lindhorst.

So, it's no surprise that his Chris's facebook message before leaving on his mission trip was a bible verse, reminding his youth group to live a full life that they could be proud of.

Livingstone Church Pastor Bryce Parks says of the five others who were in the van accident, one is in critical condition, three are injured, but stable, and another has left the hospital.



POSEY CO., IN -- One person is dead and five others are injured following a crash Tuesday evening. They were all members of  Livingstone Community Church in Marion, who were on an overnight mission trip to help a homeless shelter in Evansville.

Pastor Bryce Parks says they were driving back from a stop at Holiday World, when one of their vehicles blew a tire and spun around, colliding with a tractor trailer.

29-year-old youth minister Christopher Williams passed away. Parks says one member is in critical condition, three others were injured but are stable. Another member just had some bumps and bruises.

The Posey County Sheriff's Office is investigating the crash. Stay with News 3 for more updates.



POSEY CO., IN -- A Marion man is dead after a crash on Interstate 64.  It happened in Posey County, Indiana.

Investigators say a church van and semi collided near the Illinois-Indiana border.  Christopher Williams, 29, of Marion was a passenger on the bus.  

He was taken to Deaconess Hospital in Evansville where he later died.  The Posey County Sheriff's Office is investigating.


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