Major Road Project in Marion Almost Halfway Done


By Evie Allen
By Benjy Jeffords

MARION -- Road construction continues along Route 13 in Marion. The new bridge will carry drivers over the train tracks by Illinois Star Centre Mall.

It's meant to ease delays on Route 13 caused by trains. That overpass is set to open soon.

IDOT officials say the East bound lanes will be open next month. Some drivers say they've become used to the construction but they'll be relieved when it's all over.

Road crews in Marion have been working on Route 13 since 2012.

"There are 30,000 plus cars that pass by here on a daily basis and the traffic flows pretty well," says Absher Arnold general sales manager David Hall. 

As progress continues, officials say the lanes on the bridge across from the Illinois Star Centre Mall could be open as early as the third week in July. Which will be a huge comfort for managers at Absher Arnold. The road in front of dealership has been closed.

"That's the relief that we're feeling and the bridge too, the availability of the bridge," says Hall.

Officials say as soon as they open the eastbound lanes, they'll quickly begin construction on the westbound lanes. But traffic will continue to flow in both directions.

Selena Hart just moved to Marion from Chicago last July. She says construction here reminds her of being back home.

"I know it's hard and busy especially with budgets and everything, but it will be better and I'll be very happy that their won't be so much construction," she says.

Roadwork can also be confusing for some drivers. Officials say it's important to pay attention to all the road signs and detours. Skyline Drive will be shutdown for two weeks sometime in August. The second bridge is set to be finished in fall 2015.


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