Gaza Violence Protest Held in Carbondale


By Amy Fox
By Randy Livingston

CARBONDALE -- Hundreds of people from the Palestinian community in southern Illinois are protesting the violence in Gaza. They took to the streets for a rally Friday afternoon. Many have family and friends in the middle of the conflict.

They could be heard and seen across downtown Carbondale. Hundreds of protesters waving signs and flags, walking through the streets Friday afternoon.

"I feel like it's really my duty to come and spread knowledge and, you know, try to educate people as much as I can about what's really happening," said protester Reem Khader.

They're taking a stand against the violence going on in Gaza.

"It's so important because people's basic human rights are being taken away from them," said Ghada Naser, protester.  "We here take it for granted and over there they can't even go from city to city without being stopped."

But, there were others marching for a different reason. 

"The only thing I want to accomplish is to point out that there are two sides to every story and Hamas is committing war crimes and it is difficult to deal with an agency or a political entity that commits war crimes," said Gus Maroscher, protester.

"You can't expect everyone to, you know, be supporting you," said Khader. "That's why we're here. It doesn't matter that someone boos us every once in a while. It's not going to stop us. We won't be silenced until a change is made and that's the big difference we're trying to make today."

As cars continued to pass by, protesters just hoped their message was heard. 

Naser said,  "We are hoping there will be a cease-fire and they will open the borders and bring some relief in for the people of Gaza."

"The message is very, very simple: stop committing war crimes, things will settle down," said Maroscher.

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