Fire in Downtown Carterville


By WSIL Manager

CARTERVILLE -- Dozens of firefighters from across the region battled a major fire in the historic downtown section of Carterville Monday night.

The call first came in a little after 6 p.m. after flames broke out in the Corbell Electronics building. It sits in the 100 block of South Division Street, between the Create a Smile thrift store and a former pastry shop. Heavy smoke could be seen billowing from the building.

Soon, Carterville Fire Department was calling in reinforcements from across Williamson County and beyond as the fire raged.

Flames were seen shooting out of the Corbell building. Power lines in front caught fire and showered sparks into the street. Our crews on the scene also saw the roof of the structure collapse. There were no reports of any injuries.

As the evening wore on and the fire tore through the building and spread to the former pastry shop, fire departments from as far away as Murphysboro, Goreville, and Benton were called to the scene. Multiple ladder trucks were attacking the flames.

Fire officials estimated up to 100 personnel were on hand, from at least 15 different agencies. Ambulance crews were called in to standby, and a Red Cross canteen truck was brought to the scene.

Fire fighters say they had trouble containing the flames because of the location of the fire and the age of the buildings.

"Downtown and old construction and there is usually not good firewalls between them and they have usually been breached and that's what they are dealing with now. They are trying to keep it from traveling imto the nice smiles building and thrift store and then onto the north and taking out the whole block," said Williamson County Fire Protection Chief Jeremy Norris.

A staging area was set up in the Baptist church parking lot to the south of the fire scene, where fire captains coordinated the response.

Most of the crews called for mutual aid seemed to be working to bring water to the scene. Fire officials said they expected crews to be on the scene well into the night.

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