Domestic Battery Lands Man in Hospital


By Sam Jones
By Andy Shofstall

WILLIAMSON COUNTY -- Police responded twice last Thursday to domestic battery calls at Four Season's Campground in Herrin. The second time, officers found Kelly Hart with life- threatening injuries and arrested his girlfriend.

Police are still finalizing their report, but they've charged Leana Decker with aggravated battery. The victim's family says the attack was calculated and brutal.

“She did this while my dad was sleeping. She came in, she left my dad’s camper and she left and she had time to plan what she was planning on doing,” Jobi Hart explained.

She got a call about her father’s injuries the day of the battery.

“There was so many things going through my mind,” recalled Jobi.

She learned her father had been airlifted to a St. Louis Hospital, in a coma.

“He can’t say nothing to me. That look on his face, knowing he wanted to cry but he couldn't express his feelings,” added Jobi.

She admits the relationship between Hart and Decker may have been abusive. Looking at the 25-year-old's mug shot, it's clear she was in some sort of a fight.

“If my dad did throw his hands up on her, that was not right for him whatsoever.  I’m not saying it is whatsoever, but it is not right for her to come back and assault him,” she said.

Police are not commenting on their investigation right now ,  but Jobi wants to know what happened the first time they were called to the area.

“I wish I knew why they had gotten called… who called the cops, what got said to the cops,” she wondered.

Jobi wants Decker to stay behind bars for as long as possible. In the meantime, she’s trying to stay strong amidst the emotional turmoil.

“Keep praying to make sure he actually does get through this,” urged Jobi.

Decker's being held in the Williamson county jail on $1,000,000 bond. The victim, Hart, is still in the hospital. Family says he is responsive now.


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