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Menopause Complications: How Loss of Estrogen Affects Your Health

So often, women think of menopause simply as a time when their periods will stop. However, women’s risk of a number of diseases actually spike after menopause—which is usually between age 45 and 55—due to the hormonal... More>>

Can Bean Bags Really Reduce Back Pain?

Originally posted on   Back pain affects many adults at some point in their life. There are many causes, and an even more significant amount of... More>>

These U.S. Cities Have the Highest STD Rates

  Originally posted on   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.) recently released its latest Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report... More>>

Home Office Ergonomics: Creating a Comfortable Healthy Work Space

Originally posted on   Working from home can be a wonderful thing. Not only can you stay at home with the family,... More>>

How to Become a Respiratory Therapist in 5 Steps

Originally posted on   Did you know that respiratory therapist jobs are expected to increase by 21 percent by 2028? This means plenty of job... More>>

What Is the Real Cost of LASIK?

Originally posted on   You may have seen some LASIK practices run ads offering LASIK at prices that seem too good to be true. There are LASIK... More>>

Adenomyosis: Symptoms, Causes and Risk Factors

Originally posted on   We’ve all heard about endometriosis, a condition in which the uterine lining (endometrium) develops outside the... More>>

Where Do Probiotics Come From?

Originally posted on clear probiotic definitionThe probiotics market is booming and all the – often contradictory – information available can rapidly overwhelm... More>>

What is Plaque and How It Works

Originally posted on Plaque on your teeth can cause a wide variety of issues. It is important to not only brush and floss regularly, but also have... More>>

Insatiable Appetite? Think of Bacteria!

Originally posted on The hunger phenomenon and the numerous micro-organisms that make up the microbiota are two subjects that fascinate humans and that are... More>>

Bacteriotherapy at Your Fingertips

Originally posted on   Micro-organisms colonize different regions of the human body, from the skin to the oral and nasal cavities, to the digestive and... More>>

Why This Couple Dealing with Endometriosis Prioritizes Mental Health

Living with a chronic illness is inherently stressful. Many people with a chronic condition quickly find that their condition may impact them throughout their daily lives in ways they may not have anticipated. Not... More>>

What to Know Before Wearing Decorative Contacts for Halloween

Your cat costume is just about perfect, but some creepy cat-eyed contact lenses would take it to the next level. Decorative and colored contact lenses can be safe, but you’ll want to buy with discretion to avoid an... More>>

What Is Narcan and What Can It Do for You or Your Loved One?

Originally posted on According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 130 Americans die every single day because... More>>

A Blood Test to Predict Alzheimer’s Disease: Is It Possible?

Alzheimer’s disease is a serious concern for many Americans. About 5.8 million Americans live with this dementia, and over 16 million friends and family members work as unpaid caregivers for their loved ones, according to... More>>

Side Effects of Adderall Abuse

Originally posted on Adderall is a combination of medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD,... More>>

Does Paracetamol Work for Lower Back Pain

Originally posted on   WILL TAKING PARACETAMOL HELP YOU RECOVER FROM LOWER BACK PAIN? Study finds that paracetamol does not help to relieve lower back... More>>

Can You Overdose on CBD Oil?

Originally posted on   CBD oil has been known to help people get relief from a wide variety of illnesses. However, when taking anything for relief, it is important... More>>

Working the 12 Steps

Originally posted on   The basic idea behind working the 12 steps is to help those struggling with addiction to understand and... More>>

“Bobbing for Apples”: Fun Halloween Game or Gross Germfest?

On a candy-filled holiday, apples are a welcome guest. Not only do they provide a much-needed break from all the sugary lollipops and chocolate-covered peanuts, but apples are also great for teeth. They contain lots of... More>>

Then vs. Now: The Evolution of Oral Hygiene

Today, your dental hygienist knows lots of science-backed tips to help keep your teeth clean, sparkling, and healthy. The goal isn’t just to treat your problem teeth, but to keep your smile from having any problems to... More>>

Is Addiction a Disease?

Originally posted on   Many people share the same question today. That is, “Is addiction a disease?” Addiction is a complex... More>>

7 Great Types of Exercises for Swimmers

Sometimes you won’t be able to make to a pool and a lot of swimmers supplement their swimming program with exercises in the gym and other dry-land activities. We have put together a list of some of the best exercises... More>>

Workplace Injury, Drug-Related Deaths, and Suicide

Originally posted on   If you’ve paid attention to the news over the past several years, you know all about the opioid epidemic in the U.S. You... More>>

These U.S. Cities Have the Highest STD Rates

Originally posted on   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.) recently released its latest Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report (Oct.... More>>

What Does a Panic Attack Feel Like?

Originally posted on   What does a panic attack feel like? Are you currently experiencing a panic attack? If you think that you are... More>>

How Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men Can Transform Your Life

Originally posted on     While feeling a little more tired and a little less amorous may be normal signs of... More>>

How to Help Someone With PTSD

Originally posted on   A post-traumatic stress disorder doesn’t just happen to soldiers. Women from all walks of life may also struggle... More>>

Do I Have Anxiety?

Originally posted on   Anxiety is common for New Jersey residents as well as throughout the country. If you are constantly feeling nervous or... More>>

How to Tell PTSD Symptoms in Women

Originally posted on   According to the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA), between seven and eight percent of the population will... More>>

Teenage Cell Phone Addiction Symptoms

Originally posted on   Parents all over the country have concerns about their teen’s obsession with their cell phones. By any... More>>

Reconstructive Surgery for Breast Cancer: What a Surgeon Wants You to Know

Whether or not a woman chooses to reconstruct her breast(s) during or after breast cancer surgery is 100% a personal decision. Some women may see the absence of a breast or a difference in the look of their breasts as a... More>>

Mental Health After Hurricane Maria: Implications for the Climate Crisis

It’s already well known that natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires can cause trauma. The combination of losing loved ones, homes, possessions, and a general sense of stability can result in sadness, hopelessness,... More>>

Raising a Child with ADHD: 5 Important Parenting Strategies

Behavioral parent training programs, which are often part of a multimodal treatment approach for children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have been used for many years and have been found to be very... More>>

Why Your Kid’s Appointments May Start with a Suicide Screening

If you’re taking your 11-year-old son to the emergency room after they hurt their ankle during a baseball game, you might be surprised to hear the doctor ask if he has ever had thoughts of suicide. While the question might... More>>

Live Well with Multiple Sclerosis: 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tweaks Video included

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is not a curable condition, but it’s a manageable one. With the right MS treatment and lifestyle habits, people with MS can change or slow the course of the disease, manage symptoms, treat MS... More>>

Colorectal Cancer, Explained in Under Two MInutes Video included

Colorectal cancer may not get as much attention as lung cancer or breast cancer, but it’s actually the third most common type of cancer in both men and women, according to the American Cancer Society. Thankfully, a recent... More>>

6 Big Mistakes That increase the Risk of Carbon Monoxide Exposure Video included

Carbon monoxide can be deadly to humans and animals—and to make it worse, it has no color or odor to tip you off. On average, over 10,000 people per year are hospitalized from carbon monoxide exposure, and over 430 people... More>>

The Main Types of Psoriatic Arthritis + How They Affect the Body Video included

Psoriatic arthritis, or PsA, is an inflammatory type of arthritis, which sets it apart from the more traditional and well-known osteoarthritis. PsA is a chronic and autoimmune disease, meaning it’s caused by an overactive... More>>

Master Your Medicine: 3 Ways Your Doctor Can Lower Your Medication Cost Video included

Following a treatment plan prescribed by your doctor is undoubtedly important. It gives you the best opportunity to manage your condition and maintain the best possible health for yourself. But what do you do if you can’t... More>>

The Importance of Rehabilitation During Head and Neck Cancer Treatment Video included

The goals of head and neck cancer treatment are to control the disease and to help the patient return to normal activities as soon as possible after treatment. An important part of treating head and neck cancer is... More>>

How Eric Adams Is Advocating for Plant-Based Diets in Brooklyn Video included

It’s not unheard of for a politician to promote healthier lifestyles for their constituents, but perhaps no city leader does this with quite as much passion and urgency as Eric Adams, the Borough President of Brooklyn, NY.... More>>

Why Exercise Is Essential for Treating and Preventing Osteoporosis Video included

If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis, adding exercise to your treatment regimen may seem a little daunting—and counterintuitive. You may be thinking: If my bones are fragile, shouldn’t I be *avoiding* physical activity?


What's Palliative Care? Key Facts Patients and Caregivers Should Know Video included

Getting diagnosed with a serious illness affects more than a person’s physical health. It can touch multiple areas of their life, including their emotional well-being, finances, and social and spiritual life. A patient’s... More>>

6 rules to make your daily coffee healthier

For about five calories a cup, black coffee is a great option if you’re gulping down four cups a day. But let’s be real: How many people really prefer their coffee black?


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