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  • Cats


    Sure cats act like they could take care of themselves but the truth is they can't. Learn how to keep your cat happy and healthy here.
  • Dogs


    Loving and loyal, dogs give back every bit that you put into them. Find out how to be sure you are giving your dog the best life possible.
  • Birds


    Their bright colors, beautiful songs, and cheerful personalities have made birds popular pets for hundreds of years. Read inside for more information.
  • Ferrets


    Like cats, ferrets enjoy their naps and will often sleep 15 to 20 hours a day. What else should you know about these funny pets?
  • Guinea Pigs

    Guinea Pigs

    Today's domesticated guinea pig is viewed by many as an "easy" pet for children. It's important to understand that these little guys have lots of requirements.
  • Hamsters


    Hamsters' friendly nature and adaptability have placed them among America's most popular small pets. Learn how to fulfill the special needs of these cuddly creatures.
  • Rabbits


    Rabbits may be easy to love, but they're not quite as easy to care for. Take some time to learn about their needs.
  • Foods Potentially Poisonous to Your Pets

    As much as they may love people food and act like they're one of us - pets are not people when it comes to their diet. Many seemingly harmless treats could lead to serious illness or even death.
  • Can Wild Animals Be Kept As Pets?

    Can Wild Animals Be Kept As Pets?

    Appropriate care for wild animals requires considerable expertise, specialized facilities, and total dedication to the animals' needs.
  • Summer Care Tips for You and Your Pets

    Summer Care Tips for You and Your Pets

    Summer is a time for both you and your pet to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors, but along with the fun, the season also offers up situations that can endanger.  By taking precautions, you can decrease the chance that disaster will happen.
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