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5 Stylish Summer Watches for Men in 2019

Originally posted on Have you ever wondered how to spice up your outfit a little bit without going out and spending money on a whole new wardrobe? A new summer watch may be the... More>>

How to Become a Barber

Originally posted on There are hundreds, if not thousands of careers out there, and when you’re looking for a career that allows you to be creative, technical, precise... More>>

The Benefits of Becoming a Barber

Originally posted on Barbers have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. Men are taking pride in their appearance, now more than ever. Employment... More>>

Cargo Shorts Are Going to Make the Biggest Comeback Ever – Here’s Why

Originally posted on Cargo shorts are catching slack in today’s media. Apparently,  it took 2019 for people to realize how terrible looking... More>>

The Kentia Palm: Tropical Paradise in the form of a Plant

Originally posted on When you’re searching for the perfect new plant for your home, there are a lot of things to consider that will help... More>>

The Great Teeth Whitening Debate: Trays or Strips?

Originally posted on So you’ve decided to invest in your smile and get rid of some of those unsightly coffee stains. What next? Are... More>>

Modeling Without Money: How to Get Your Dream Photoshoot for Free

Originally posted on For decades aspiring models have been told to pay this or that to get started in the modeling industry. They’ve been ripped off, lied to, or taken... More>>

Modeling Without Money: Do It Yourself Digitals

Originally posted on Welcome to the next article in my Modeling Without Money series. More>>

Up Your Photo Editing Game with These Amazing Apps

Originally posted on Hey hearters! We are LOVING the photos uploaded by you guys with the We Heart It filters, but did you know... More>>

One Woman is Rewriting the Rules of Women’s Clothing

Originally posted on Heather Thompson is a mother of 4, mid-30s, and a typical busy mom and businesswoman. What started as a part-time... More>>

5 Stunning Health and Social Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Do you smile as often as you should? Or, are you too self-conscious to share your smile with the world? If you are like many people, cosmetic dental issues such as discolored, cracked, broken, missing or crooked teeth may... More>>

Plus-Size Fashion Tips for Fashionable Curvy Girls

Originally posted on size inclusive clothing can be difficult for the plus sized girl. Keep reading to... More>>

Custom Phone Case Buying Guide

Originally posted on With the cost of mobile phones increasing each year it has become more important than ever to protect your phone with a case. One minor... More>>

Flower Power: 9 Qualities the Best Upper East Side Florist Should Have

Originally posted on So if you’re looking for a specific type of business, such as a florist, you’ll have... More>>

Paparazzi Jewelry

Originally posted on Sisters Chani and Mani had a vision for Paparazzi Jewelry, a home-based business established in 2010, headquartered in Hurricane, Utah. More>>

Classy but Laid-Back: Mens Casual Boots to Wear with Jeans

Originally posted on Jeans came onto the clothing scene in the late 1800s when a tailor named Jacob Davis and Levi... More>>

Rubber B Versus Everest Comparison Review – Two Rubber Straps for Rolex Daytona Ceramic

Originally posted on As you guys know, I do not usually do product reviews. But since I decided to try a rubber strap for my new... More>>

8 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Luxury Hawaiian Wedding

Originally posted on is the perfect location for a luxury destination wedding. These 8 tips will help you plan the perfect Hawaiian... More>>

The Lyst Index 4T 2018

Originally posted on El Lyst Index es una clasificación trimestral sobre las marcas y los productos más populares en la industria de la moda. Para recopilar los resultados, Lyst,... More>>

Lei Flowers: What Is Used to Create a Traditional Hawaiian Lei

Originally posted on Were you one of the 9.3 million people who visited the Aloha State in 2017? More>>

The Full Spectrum of Services Offered by Tanning Salons Today

Originally posted on salon owners are creating innovative, client-friendly locations with the addition of all types of wonderful body care... More>>

The Sunscreen Debate: What’s the Best SPF Level?

Originally posted on Shopping for sunscreen is like shopping for window tint. Everyone thinks the darker, the better. Or, in this case, the higher... More>>

4 Undeniable Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor

Originally posted on We’ve all seen the old films, where a rugged cowboy strolls into an old-timey barbershop and asked for a shave. We’ve seen the glint of an elegant... More>>

Sleek Updos: 2019 Bridal Hair Trend Alert

Originally posted on UPDOS ARE BEAUTIFUL FROM EVERY ANGLE Romantic curls, boho braids and long SoCal beach waves have rocked the wedding scene for... More>>

5 Prenatal Massage Benefits

Originally posted on Experts and amateurs agree that a soothing massage can do wonders for the body. The right massage can help eliminate pain that could have been... More>>

7 Reasons to Start Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry


About Lab Created Diamonds

Originally posted on the advent of lab grown diamonds, there are a lot of questions and misconceptions surrounding their viability as an alternative for... More>>

How to Successfully Compete in the Tanning Industry

Originally posted on Diversify your services Successful tanning salons offer a variety of complementary services to stay competitive More>>

What the Heck Is Biophilic Design?

Originally posted on We’ve talked a lot in the past about biophilia in our blogs, but for a refresher, biophilia is the name for the innate psychological need in humans... More>>

Become a Model

Originally posted on to Become a Model? More>>

50 First Dates: Which Dating Site Should I Use?

Originally posted on If only online dating were as easy as “Add to Cart” and go. But when you ask couples, it’s the top way to meet someone. In fact, 19%... More>>

Is It The Real Deal? How To Spot A Fake Watch

Americans spend about $9 million a year on watches. For most people, having a nice watch is something they view as a priority. With a great watch collection, you will be able to accessorize with ease. One of the major... More>>

Official Brand Video

This is our brand story of how we came into being, why sharing aloha daily is so important to us, and what it means to live aloha. Originally posted on YouTube by Route 99 Hawaii More>>

Achieve the Perfect Pout with Lip Injections

Originally posted on At 8 West Clinic one of our most popular injectable treatments is lip injections. This treatment in the hands of an expert... More>>

Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Originally posted on The First Time Ever, You Can Stare At A Screen Longer Without Worrying About The Blue Light Causing Headaches!Remember the future of the past? More>>

10 Tips To Relieve Teeth Sensitivity After Whitening

Originally posted on If you’ve ever whitened your teeth in the past, you’re probably familiar with the sensitive, tingly feeling... More>>

10 Hair Growth Tips for Healthy Hair!

Originally posted on Hair is associated with beauty charm and attractiveness which is why most women and men are so concerned and always want that little... More>>

The Oldest Watch Brands in the World… and What You Can Learn from Them

Originally posted on Smartwatches may be the new gadget, but luxury watches aren’t going anywhere. In fact, the market for name brand luxury watches is expected to rise. And... More>>

The Four Stages of Recovery from Facelift Surgery

Originally posted on After surgery, knowing what to do – and when/how to do it – is key to the overall success of your facelift. Your surgeon... More>>

Looking for the Perfect Curl Enhancer? These Products Can Help

Originally posted on ‘Go natural,’ they said. More>>

What Makes Watches Tick? What Is a Horologist and How Do You Become One?

    To many people, watches are a fashion accessory of the past. After all, with the rise of smartwatches, do people even wear normal wristwatches anymore? The answer is a definitive yes. In fact, it’s... More>>

Attracting and Understanding Scorpio Men

Originally posted on So, you met this hot Scorpio man and you want to know how to get his attention. One thing you should know before... More>>

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man

Originally posted on So you want to attract a Sagittarius man? Here are some tips (from someone who has done her fair share of astrological seduction).... More>>

Getting Trendy: The Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2019

Originally posted on: The giving of Engagement rings dates back to ancient Egyptians as a way to symbolize eternity.  European nobles added the first... More>>

Which Is the Best Dermal Filler for You?

Originally posted on This is a question commonly asked by many of our patients. More>>

5 Amazing Benefits of Hemp Lip Balm

Originally posted on Is the long, cold winter taking its toll on your lips? Or do they tend to feel dry all year round? More>>

10 Ideas to Plan the Perfect Rustic Barn Wedding

Originally posted on From the dawn of the human race, we’ve stood in awe of nature. There’s still nothing like nature to lend... More>>

An Expert Guide: How to Dress for the Kentucky Derby & Horse Race Season

Originally posted on As it turns out, you don’t have to own thoroughbreds or even know how to ride... More>>

A Celebrity Guide to Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals

Originally posted on When it comes to celebrity footwear on the red carpet, you know the usual suspects: Jimmy Choo,... More>>

How to Improve Your Med Spa Lead Conversion Rate

Originally posted on: Did you know that 79% of marketing leads don’t get converted into sales? Putting some time and just a little money into... More>>

Why Do You Need a Website for Your Med Spa? Here Are 5 Reasons

Originally posted on: If you have a med spa and you have customers coming in, you might be wondering, why do you need a website? More>>

Med Spa Marketing Guide: What is an Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Originally posted on: You Need for a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy First things first, do you know what inbound... More>>

The Many Ways You Can Wear the Different Flowers of Hawaii

Originally posted on With 9.3 million tourists flocking to Hawaii each year, there’s a way you can get a taste of paradise without the 6+ hour flight. More>>


Originally posted on Over the course of a year, the average Australian woman spends roughly $3,600 on beauty... More>>

Traffic Generation: How to Get More Visits to Your Med Spa Website

Originally posted on: By 2021, it’s expected that eCommerce sales will make up over $4 trillion in global retail commerce.... More>>

5 Simple but Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Your Med Spa

Originally posted on: The Med Spa industry has enjoyed positive growth every year since 2010. When you consider how these... More>>

What Is Local SEO And How Can It Benefit Your Med Spa?

  Back in 2005, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that the number of cosmetic-surgery procedures exceeded two million. In that same year, the International Medical Spa Association... More>>

Why is it Recommended to Stay Out of the Sun After Laser Hair Removal?

Originally posted on You’ve just completed several sessions of laser hair removal and are excited about the results. You can’t wait to flaunt your skin on the... More>>

Manzilian – The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men

Originally posted on These days, more and more men are choosing the Manzilian procedure as opposed to traditional hair removal techniques to enjoy all... More>>

4 Reasons Why Golden Grooming Co. Gives Back to HBCUs

Originally posted on: What’s your philosophy?  What drives you to get out of bed every day and do your thing? What do you do... More>>

Easy to carry multifunctional storage bags

Originally posted on: The pace of our fast moving life requires us to be on-the-go ever-so-ready individuals. More>>

Keratin hair treatment sydney

Originally posted on: to find a good hair salon ? Keratin hair treatment More>>

Messenger Bag Vs Backpack: Which Should You Choose to Carry Your Laptop?

Originally posted on: on a new bag can be tricky business. While there is no one perfect bag, there are distinct... More>>

Just Stand: With Tyler Merritt of Nine Line Apparel

Originally posted on: Tyler Merritt is the guy who knows nothing about apparel but managed to build a wildly successful apparel company. More>>

Just Stand: With Tyler Merritt of Nine Line Apparel

  Tyler Merritt is the guy who knows nothing about apparel but managed to build a wildly successful apparel company. More>>

A Flaky Fiasco: The Top Causes of Dandruff

Originally posted on: Believe it or not, roughly half of the global population will suffer from dandruff at some point in their... More>>


Originally posted on Despite the fact that blonde is a very popular hair colour, Less than 2% of the world’s population actually has... More>>


Originally posted on Thinking about using natural hair care products? If you are, you are not alone. The... More>>


Originally posted on Despite the fact that blonde is a very popular hair colour, Less than 2% of the world’s population actually has... More>>

Hack Your Apartment To Be More Productive

Originally posted on to Get More Done at Home? Whether you work from home full time, have a side gig you need to take more seriously, or you just want to feel on top... More>>

Saying Goodbye to Dead Skin: How to Choose a Face Exfoliator

Originally posted on The concept of exfoliation is pretty simple: It clears dead skin cells from your face, brightening your complexion and reducing... More>>

No Makeup Makeup: A Natural Makeup Routine That’s Actually Simple

Originally posted on: you ready for a win-win makeup routine? The natural, “no makeup... More>>


Originally posted on More>>

Vitamin C Serum For Face : Rejuvenate Your Beautiful Skin

Originally posted on Whenever Vitamin C comes to our mind, only tablets or citrus fruits get our attention. This fact cannot be denied that Vitamin C taken... More>>


Originally posted on Thinking about using natural hair care products? If you are, you are not alone. The... More>>


Believe it or not, roughly half of the global population will suffer from dandruff at some point in their lives. Dandruff is a skin condition that causes the scalp to become quite itchy and create small white or yellow... More>>

Protect Your Reputation & Manage Customer Satisfaction With Salon Iris Reputation Management!

Originally posted on: The internet has dramatically changed the way people choose where they spend their time and money. Long gone are the days where people had to choose a... More>>

Salon Trends Predicted To Dominate 2019

  Salon trends are always changing and it can be key as a stylist to keep up with the latest and greatest styles and trends dominating the industry. But with the fast pace of trends and the busy nature of salon life,... More>>

How to Grow Your Business with Instagram

Originally posted on: Social media today is not what it was 10 years ago. It is no longer a place exclusively for connecting with old friends from high school or sharing... More>>

The Verdict: Will a Memory Foam Mattress Help Your Back?

It’s estimated that 80 percent of the population will experience back pain during their life. Back pain is a real issue, and there’s not a very simple way to diagnose and measure. Millions of Americans wonder... More>>

Wedding Photography Ideas For A Rainy Day

Originally posted on   If you are getting married there are lots of big decisions to make. Things like who to invite, how to... More>>

What Is Microblading? (And How Does it Work!)

Originally published on: your goal is perfect eyebrows, it’s time to take a serious look at microblading. But what is microblading and... More>>

21 Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Love

Planning a wedding? Then you realize how special this day is. You also realize that you want to make it as memorable as possible. But you don’t want your wedding day to be memorable for just you and your spouse. Your... More>>


Getting married is one of the biggest events in most peoples’ lives. Looking back, it would be difficult for most women to choose their favorite moment leading up to the big day but choosing the ring ranks right up... More>>

A Girl’s Best Friend: Ethically Sourced Diamonds and How to Find Them

Jewel heists aren’t the only unethical part of the diamond trade: roughly 15% of African diamond miners make less than a dollar a day. To make matters worse, these miners face harsh working conditions on top of their... More>>

Maintain Your Glow: 5 Natural Health Tips for Perfect Skin

Health is holistic, no matter what sort of improvements you are looking to make. So if you are trying to get healthy skin that looks great, it’s important to start thinking about holistic natural health tips, rather... More>>

Understanding the 4 C’s: A Diamond Guide for Beginners

Are you about to ask one of the most important questions of your life and seal the deal with a diamond ring? Stop right there. You got some work to do around understanding diamonds first. On average, American men spend... More>>

Why Meditation Should Be Part of Your Beauty Regime

Originally posted on   With so many beauty products today coming out of a bottle or jar, it’s easy to forget where real beauty... More>>

Just Breathe: Utilizing the Power of Mindfulness to Achieve Peace in Business

Originally posted on   Stress kills. Learn how to reduce it with a free and effective technique proven to... More>>

Key to Her Heart: A Guide to the Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles of 2019

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it stands to reason that plenty of devoted couples will soon be getting engaged. If you’re in one of those devoted couples, let’s first say... More>>

Looking to Punch up Your Fashion Game? Grab These Hot Spring Accessories!

You’re never fully dressed without a . . . bunch of spring accessories. Or that would be how the song goes according to the designers at Spring fashion weeks all over the globe. We’re seeing big bags, little... More>>

Watch This! Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Luxury Watches Without Breaking the Bank

The luxury watch industry has taken a hit in recent years. More>>

Wigs for Beginners: How to Buy Your First Wig

The celebrated Egyptian ruler, Cleopatra, is likely to have worn a thick plaited ceremonial wig when she wanted to look her best. It was encrusted with gold and turquoise and crowned with a snake diadem. It covered her... More>>

Sunny and Glowing: 10 Things You Can Do Today to Get Yourself Ready for Summer

Do you have weight loss goals for 2019? If so, you’re not alone. Nearly 50 percent of Americans are in the same boat. More>>

The accessory that works with any outfit

Why discount any piece of clothing just because the calendar changes, when you could simply find fun new ways to rock your favorite staples all year round?


What's giving away your age?

Find out what could be giving away the number of candles on your birthday cake -- and what you can do to stop them.


Survive wedding season on a budget

Many of us spend our summer traveling from wedding to wedding, and this celebration of love and life can get very expensive.


Fast and fabulous hair fixes

Whether you are running from the gym to work or from a project meeting to happy hour, sometimes you have no time to spare.


Updating the little black dress for the holidays

You love the LBD because it’s classic, slimming and will never go out of style -- but that doesn’t mean you shouldn't add new twist when you wear it.


7 beauty staples to get you through the holidays

It may be time to reach for your holiday survival beauty kit.  Here are the seven things you should always have in it.


5 inspiring new year's resolutions you can keep

If the new year’s resolutions you’ve made already sound unrealistic, here are some new ones that you’ll actually be inspired to keep.


Guide to looking picture perfect on your wedding day

Look picture perfect with help from this wedding beauty calendar. Learn what to do -- and what to skip -- each week before your big day.


Plump up your best beauty assets

With each passing birthday, our lips lose a little volume and our hair -- on our heads and lashes -- tends to get thinner. But you can fatten up your best beauty assets with a few fast, simple tips.


The new approach to hair care

Discovering the skin care line that works best for you is like finding the brand of jeans that are perfect for your body: It’s only a slight exaggeration to say that it’s a life-transforming experience. Get ready for the same experience when it comes to hair care products.


5 ways to keep skin healthy all winter

Between the cold dry air outdoors and the hot dry air indoors, skin definitely needs a little more TLC. Read on to find out how to winter-proof your skin care routine.


How to talk to your hairdresser

Good communication is the basis of walking out of a salon looking like a million dollars.


Your new winter manicure

Just because you’re not wearing bright pinks or corals in January through March doesn’t mean your nails need to be dull.


5 hair care mistakes you’re making

Think your daily hair care routine is full of healthy hair choices? You may be surprised to discover that you’re unwittingly wreaking havoc on your tresses.


Find the right mascara for you

It's easy to have wow-worthy lashes when you choose and correctly apply the mascara that’s right for you.


The clear-the-clutter closet makeover

Quality, not quantity, is the key to a smart woman’s closet.


How to extend the life of your blowout

Using the right techniques and products -- starting before you even touch the blow-dryer -- will help you maintain your style for days.


9 spring trends that will turn you into a '90s pop star

 Many of the spring 2014 trends seem fresh and fun, but if you were alive and well in the '90s, you've seen them before. These nine trends will have you saying "Oops, I did it again."


Get gorgeous in under 5 minutes

Got an hour or two to get beautiful in the morning before you head to work? Of course you don’t! But with some savvy planning and smart product choices, you can leave home looking polished and near perfect -- even when you’re slipping your shoes on as you head out the door.


Are you using the wrong hair products?

Using the wrong hair products can further hair damage instead of repairing it.


Fashion trend: Mom used to be cooler than you

Our mothers were style pioneers who brought the spirit of revolution, counterculture and women's rights into their closets, changing fashion for decades to come.


Day-to-night chic in a flash

File these five fashion and beauty staples in your desk drawer for an instant after-5 makeover.


Party makeup in 3 minutes or less

A festive party calls for a little more makeup than your everyday swipe of lip gloss, and it’s surprisingly easy to liven up your look and still be out the door in a flash.


Finding new colors and patterns for men

If your daily uniform is a white Oxford shirt and navy suit, it’s time to take your wardrobe to the next level.


Top five myths about cellulite

Cellulite, fat deposits beneath the skin, plagues the thighs and behinds of nearly 90 percent of women -- even the most fit among us. More>>

Three summer braids: Paso a paso

Stay cool and sexy all summer with la trenza, this season’s hottest hair trend. Braids are easily dressed up or down and can be worn on almost any occasion. Plus, they’re great for second or third day hair. More>>

How to fix over-plucked eyebrows

Well-shaped eyebrows frame your whole face, but if you’ve tweezed out too much, don’t panic! Try these beauty tips and tricks to get your brows back in shape. More>>

How you should wear red this season

Shy about wearing red? Don’t be! You can make this dynamic color work for you with these tips from celebrity stylists and makeup artists. More>>

Tips for strengthening brittle nails

Find out how to strengthen nails and get them looking in great shape. More>>

How to dress 10 pounds slimmer

Wearing the right styles, fit and colors can take off pounds instantly. More>>

How to choose a beach wedding dress

Check out these tips for selecting a beach-friendly wedding gown. More>>

Office casual done right

Informal work gear isn’t the same thing as weekend wear. More>>

How to pack your wedding dress

Worried about transporting your wedding dress to a far-off locale? Don't stress! Here are five tips from the experts on how to pack your gown like a pro. More>>

The costume hater's guide to Halloween

With a little humor, some beauty tricks and a few inexpensive trinkets, getting into the spirit of Halloween can become more of a treat than a trick. More>>

Tips and tricks to avoid beauty mishaps

Wardrobe malfunctions, streaky tans, toes slipping out of shoes -- you name it, we’ve seen it on the red carpet. More>>

Stellar style finds for less

Knowing how to shop smart is what it’s all about. More>>

The all-inclusive wedding guide

Looking for a wedding resort that blends ceremony and reception with convenience and activities, all for one upfront price? Consider an all-inclusive. Read on to learn how to find just the right resort and plan your day to perfection. More>>

Hair and makeup ideas to speed up your morning routine

Beauty is brutal, especially in the morning. Here are some tips on getting ready for your day in five minutes flat.

Pack like a celebrity stylist

Check out this list of what all fashion fiends should include in their getaway suitcases this season. More>>

7 summer style essentials

If you’ve got the basics down -- good jeans, T-shirts and tanks -- all you need are a few fresh pieces to liven up your wardrobe. More>>

10 tips for perfect wedding welcome bags

Wedding welcome bags are a great way to greet your guests and show off your destination at the same time. Here are ten things to keep in mind. More>>

Is it time for a makeover?

No one likes to feel stuck in a rut. But if you're still rooted to the same old clothing, hair and makeup styles you've worn for years, you could be robbing yourself of the opportunity to look your best. More>>

Honeymoon help 101

What's the best way to score honeymoon deals? Should you book a honeymoon package or plan excursions on your own? World-renowned travel planners answer these questions. More>>

12 destination wedding etiquette questions answered

Make your guests feel at ease by minding the proper p's and q's of destination wedding etiquette.

Get this summer’s hottest hair trends

Worried about bad hair days this summer? No need! Just try one or more of these stress-free, no-fuss 'dos. More>>

Find your most flattering neckline

When it comes to choosing a T-shirt, blouse, sweater or dress, it's the neckline that is likely to make all the difference between a look that flatters your figure and one that accentuates your less-than-perfect parts. More>>

Solutions for oily hair

Although you can't permanently change your scalp's composition or your hair type, there are a few things you can do to help control oil and get hair that looks fresh and healthy. More>>

Anti-aging makeup tips

With a few smart makeup techniques, you can turn back the clock. More>>

Seven steps to frizz-free hair forever

To manage frizz, you have to first understand why it happens and then learn how to beat it. More>>

How to style hair without heat

iStockphoto / Thinkstock iStockphoto / Thinkstock

Beautiful tresses are a powerful thing for women, and many of us turn to blow-dryers, straighteners and curling irons every day as the path to a polished look.

Four ways to fake great legs

After a long winter, you're definitively ready to toss aside boots and leggings for sandals and short skirts. The question is: Are your legs prepared? More>>

Top hair trends for spring

The No. 1 rule in the world of hairstyling, "Hair follows fashion," couldn't be any truer this spring. More>>

What your hair says about you

Good things happen to women on their good hair days. More>>

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